get the right truck for the job

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2014 Ram 1500

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2013 Ram 2500

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2013 Ram 3500

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2013 Ram Chassis Cab

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2014 Ram ProMaster

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DODGE RAM 1500: Canada's Longest Lasting Line of Pickups


Back to the Basics

I sell cars, trucks and vans, but I prefer to sell trucks... I know trucks.

Having lived in Edmonton Alberta, I've driven these trucks in -30 degree weather, 40 mph wind chill, and a couple feet of snow. I've learned the importance of having the right truck for safety, work and personal requirements.

Real quickly, a little bit about my personal truck experiences.



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If your sales person isn't asking you the right questions, how can you be sure you're getting the right truck for your needs?

Answering specific critical questions will make sure you get the right truck for the job!


Questions? Get Help!

Contact me to make sure you get the right truck for the job!

Office: (604) 299-9181
    Cell: (604) 240-3771

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